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tv   MSNBC Live with Kendis Gibson  MSNBC  September 15, 2019 11:00am-1:00pm PDT

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>> you might as well say the 3:00 hour at this point. just go ahead. >> just there you go. >> have a great day, everybody. good day everyone on what is a very busy sunday here at msnbc world headquarters. supreme court justice rick kavanaugh, some democrats calling for his impeachment. the drones across the saudi arabian facilities has the president of the occupation back on the attack against iran? secretary pompeo made sure the iran regime is responsible for the infrastructure vital to our global energy supply. we're not going to stand for that. >> vo biden's hateful race in birmingham, alabama. >> now hate is on the rise again. we're at a defining moment again in american history. who are we? what do we want to be? >> well, let's begin at this
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hour with the "new york times" article, revealing some new unreported allegations of sexual misconduct against supreme court justice rick kavanaugh from his time as an undergraduate at aisyale university. though he has denied other allegations in the past. for more, though, on all of this, let's bring in kelly o'donnell outside the white house, what more are we hearing and the reaction right there at the white house? >> reporter: this is certainly one of the political moments that was so disruptive and painful in 2018 and that scab and wound has been torn opened again. in part, because of a new book that was the subject of the "new york time's" article that you referenced that goes back and looks into the original allegations from 30-some years ago made against nowious tis kavanaugh. he denied all of those
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allegations made by christine blasscy ford in the much talked about and scrutinized hearing. then it also explored some other similar-type allegations of drunken behavior in college with some sexually inappropriate conduct. during his confirmation hearing, brett carkavanaugh said he did do that to blasey ford or any sexual behavior to any woman at any time. so that is his denial that stands to this point. i have reached out to people in his circle and our colleagues have as well so that's where we are right now. what this has done politically, it has brought out a lot of comments, certainly from president trump who views brett kavanaugh and neil gorsuch his two picks for the supreme court as a bright shiny moment, his influence on the high court.
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he says very strongly in some of his tweets today that it is the radical left as he describes it and the media, who are trying to attack brett kavanaugh and he says brett kavanaugh should sue over this, it's highly unlikely, the defendant is defending himself, the supreme court is one of the most animateing issues in a political moment. of course, we're on the verge of a campaign year and for democrats, we're already in the campaign season. now let's go to the democrats, just moments ago, elizabeth warren added her voice on twitter saying that the process was flawed in the confirmation hearings and the investigation that went on about these allegations and she says that he should be removed. kamela harris has also said the process was flawed and he should be impeached. julian castro has said kavanaugh should be impeached. impeached is a word we have been hearing a lot in the trump era. president trump sensitive to
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that as well saying the democrats want to impeach everyone. what is the impact of this? certainly this is an issue that drives democrats who believe that justice kavanaugh should not have been put on the court that he does not represent the highest moral character to be on the court. and that the process was not fair and was unfair to the women involved and was not an honest and thorough process. that's what we're hearing from presidential candidates seeking the democratic nomination and it's a much broader conversation in our sort of social political world right now. that's where we are. the practical next steps are much, much more difficult. don't anticipate hearing anything from justice kavanaugh, who did not cooperate for the booing that brought about this new article. he could say something certainly, but one would not exnext that he would given he has a lifetime appointment. there is a mechanism kendys.
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how likely would it by they would take this on? it seems remote. the mechanism exists. but would it happen in a trump era? it does not seem likely. with a future president, one would have to see. again these are the same sorts of issues that were a part of his confirmation where senators reviewed some of that that's a part of why they're attacking the process. they didn't have all the information and it was not properly investigated by the fbi at the time and by the justice department. >> kelly, it's such a high bar in order to impeach a supreme court justice. it hasn't been done in more than 200 years. a lot of politician calling for it now. thanks to you. we will move on right now to what is described as joe biden's most important speech on race relations, 56 years ago, white supremacists bombed a 16th street baptist church. the tragic attack became a
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turning point to the civil rights movement. today biden build what was an impassioned speech on race on the commemoration office service at that same church. >> for so many family members here today, this is not a symbolic loss. >> that transfixed the world and aspired the whole nation. it's personal. and even 56 years later, it's tragic. >> he did, indeed, in fact, bring up a number of personal things. you see msnbc has been traveling with the bind campaign. you were right there inside that church as biden delivered his speech. you know he hasn't received a lot of criticism for his long winded and confused response of slavery during the last democratic debate. so how was this perceived? this message? >> yeah, you know i think some
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of the most interesting moments to me this morning were when biden really made this a much more personal speech than a political speech, if part because of the reasons you outlined, the recent criticism he's faced. this morning the former vice president relateing both his own brief the at the loss of his daughter with the loss experience here with the loss of four young girls in this baptist bombing 56 years ago. he also talked about what inspired him to get into public service, talked about how both he bombing here, also the king galvanized many in his generation, those white americans who felt standing on the fringes were not enough and going to charleston, south carolina, weeks after he lost his eldest son bo, remember sing amazing grace is something he had through yet another loss, those were interesting. the larger opportunity for the
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former vice president is to deepen and remind voters what has been the core of his message, let's take a listen to him talking about that this morning. >> brought to these shores over 400 years ago. in the centuries long campaign of violence, fear, trauma, brought upon black people in this country. the domestic terrorism and white supremacy has been the antagonist of our highest ideals from before the founding of this country. mobs, arsonists, bomb makers. lone gunmen, as we all now realize this violence does not live in the past. before and after charlottesville, this nation will never be the same. the psalm tells us, we remain endure the night joy cometh in the morning.
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the philosopher tells us faith sees best in the dark. now hate is on the rise again. we're in a defining moment again in american history. who are we? what do we want to be? if after charlottesville, i said that i believed that we were in a battle for the soul of america. i say it again today, we are in the battle for the soul of america. >> reporter: that, of course, was the message that launched biden's candidacy in april. it's one he is continuing to speak to about voters here today. >> yeah, biden does have another speech as well, regarding race relations in florida later today. thank you. well, turning now to the escalating tensions between the u.s. and iran, rebels in yemen are claiming responsibility for this weekend's drone strikes in saudi arabia, resulting in this
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massive explosion and fire at the world's largest oil refinery and oil field. the united states now blaming iran for the attacks. eastern is strongly rejecting those claims in saudi arabia. meantime, says it is willing to confront this aggression. the finger pointing comes after secretary of state mike pompeo first placed blame on iran without off everyday to support his claim. let's head out to london where sarah harmon has been calling this story from the very beginning. we got more from iran today. they say they are ready for whatever comes at them. >> reporter: iran has strongly dismissed the allegations from secretary pompio. iran's foreign ministry serkd i'm quoting here, such allegations are useless, meaningless, not comprehensible and pointless, iran's foreign minister this morning tweeted directly, talking about pompeo, having failed at max pressure. he says secretary pompeo is turning to max zeechlt he says
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the u.s. is stuck in yemen because of the illusion that weapon superiority will lead to u.s. victory. they haven't shown iran is behind these attacks. we haven't seeneen any proof as we did over the summer with the tanker. they have done it in the past. they haven't done it yet. houthi rebels in yemen claim they used ten drones and houthi rebels in the past, they have been aligned with iran. they've received support from iran. they carried out attacks inside saudi arabia. but never this severe. so if they were, in fact, behind this as they claim, it would represent a new little of sophistication and it raises a new concern for the region because if drones relatively inexpensive weapons can take out half the production at the world's biggest oil processing facility, that opens the region up to a whole new kind of tension. >> that, indeed, it makes a number of targets very
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vulnerable and oil production we are told may not necessarily be fully operational come tomorrow, according to "wall street journal," sarah harmon there in london for the latest in the escalating tensions in the middle east. coming up, new york state moves to ban the sale of flavored ecigarettes as public health officials responds to a rash of illnesses. governor andrew cuomo joins us ahead. a 2:00 a.m. facebook post has an entire town on alert for a possible invasion this week. the proposed area 51 takeover and how a joke turned into a movement ahead. d into a movement ahead banjo?
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plus get $250 back when you buy a new samsung note. click, call or visit a store today. we are back with a debt collapse injuring nearly two dozen people including some children in new jersey and the three story death was reduced to rubble in an instant, trapping several miami for some time. it happened just last night in the seaside tooun town of
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wildwood, new jersey. authorities believe some injured were fire fighters. however none appear to be life-threatening. back to politics and the democratic fronts runner joe biden, at that service commemorating the bombing at the 16th street church in birmingham. >> those of us who are white try but we can never fully fully understand no matter how hard we try. we are almost, we are almost at this next phase of progress in my view. it's hard, heart winging work, but their almost 330 americans. i know their nothing we can't accomplish if we stand together. stand against hate, stand up for what at our best our nation believes, honesty, decency, treating everyone with dignitary and respect, giving everyone a fair shot, leaving nobody behind, giving hate no safe
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harbor, demonizing no one, not the poor, the powerless, the immigrant or the other, standing as a beacon for the world, being a part of something bigger than ourselves. >> well, i don't knowing me now is eleanor cliff, washington correspondent with the daily beast and host of politics nation, the reverend al sharpton back from the cdc, the black caucus in washington, d.c. reverend, i do want to start with you. we listened to that sound byte. we heard what seems to be directly addressing the criticism he came under after that long winded response that he gave to slavery and reparations at the houston debate that kind of eva fld into venezuela and record players. did he help make up for that in. >> i think he started to go toward making up for that. but i think former vice president biden is going to have to be very specific on what policies that he's going to bring forward if elected to be
11:19 am
president that will close the wealth gap and the race gap in terms of employment and education. because you have to remember part of the criticism of joe biden by me and others was the crime bill in '94 and he has said that he has seen where it was unintended consequences, which many of us accepted as his work as vice president, but when have you done specific legislation we feel is detrimental, you have to come back with specific legislation on how you are going to heal what you cause and going forward. so i think he made a great speech today in terms of getting a view, hitting white supremacy. he has to come back to that policy. >> i want to switch to eleanor and this significance, biden giving that speech to this audience in birnlingham, alabama -- birmingham, alabama, rather
11:20 am
than other diverse candidates running for presidents. why do you think that might have been the ka is? >> well, i think that the president -- the vice president basically wants to let the black community know that he understands that there is structural racism and that it requires a big response. and i think, but i think he was also addressing one of the criticisms from the debate the other night that is that none of the candidates seem to offer a investigation, a vision for country remember and . and so i think this was his attempt to show he has a bigger vision and the policy details will come within the framework of that vision. and whenever he can talk about the tragedies in his li, he really does connect with any audience and i think he seemed very comfortable in that church setting. he really is depending on
11:21 am
support from the black community. they are basically what's holding up his lead in the polls and it has a lot to do with the fact that he was barack obama's wingman for eight years and i think also older blacks in particular know he was there when they've needed him over the years. so there is a trust. but so, i think he needs to fill in the details so that that trust is warranted. >> but we know he was there for other things that weren't necessarily a part of the civil rights movement. he said earlier today 56 years ago when this took place that it was a pivotal moment for him in his life. it really changed his input and output and kind of focused him on civil rights movement. yet, years later, he would go on to oppose bussing. >> he would go on to be friendly with segregationists, to push
11:22 am
out the crime bill that many say wrongly imprisoned so many black men after that so this bomb figure birmingham was such a pivotal moment, how do you kind of explain what happened after that? >> which is my point. the only way you could really make many of us believe that and buy into that is that you've got to say that i'm specifically committed to a, b, c, d, because the '63 bombing. i was 8 or 9-years-old, it preceded the things that he is being attacked for. preceded his position on bussing, preceded his '94 crime bill so you can't them us that you had this you know damascus road awakening, after that you did some things of concern. the other thing is we can't go quickly by he was asked the
11:23 am
other night in the debate in houston about reparations. he went on to his answer. don't forget i have 14 questions in april. questioned every one of them. they all answered the question. he wasn't announced, so he doesn't answer them. they answered the question to study reparations. >> he still hasn't. >> he never answered it. that's why i'm saying he has to be specific. thirdly, testifies not at the congressional black caucus weekend where he would have been questioned. which he could have done and got to birmingham today a sunday. so i give him credit for attacking white supremacy and announcing a vision. but now what about specific questions like reparations? pro or con? and what about policy and what about what you did since the bombing. >> he was given a lengthy moment, an opportunity to answer questions about reparations. went over his time, insisted
11:24 am
open it, yet he did more for vital sales in that two, three minutes. >> do they still have vinyl? i had young people telling me they were from google trying to find out what a record player was. >> urban outfitters has quite a few. thank you, look forward to seeing you 5:00 p.m. eastern time, eleanor, please stick around that reminder, 5:00 p.m., politics nation, what do you have coming up? >> i have mr. , the former governor of south carolina. >> mark sanford? >> and we're going to talk about the debate and a lot of what happened at congressional black caucus. >> fresh off a very big important week there in washington, d.c. all right, reverend, thank you. up next right here, we're keeping an eye on thunderstorm humberto. it may strengthen into a hurricane later today. we will tell you where the tomorrow is headed next. joboost gllanced nutrition of
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control as part of a healthy diet. you
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you. we are back now with an update on thunderstorm humberto, expected to become a hurricane later on today, it is slowly surely inching away from the bahamas, sustained wind speeds we are told around 65 miles an hour, dumped a whole lot of rain on the bahamas over the weekend. the pad news the storm is intensifying. the good, it is not expected to make any form of landfall any time soon. now the journalism school of the streets in a city that has had
11:29 am
tough investigative journalists. chicago. down the word from northwestern's university of famed school of journalism. here the lessons, they aren't taught in the confines of an auditorium, instead a more community centered focus. nbc hit the streets of chicago to see this effort close up. >> reporter: newspaper reporter manny ramos covers the south and west sides of chicago. home to much of the city's gun violence. he says there are untold stories in this areas that deserve an audience. >> what do you bring to the job having roots where you cover in. >> what i bring is a sense of community. right, i know i recognize the community i am reporting on a daily basis. i understand the dynamics. the issues that are facing them. >> today he's in the mid onlyf a protest against a planned hospital closure. he has work of appearing in the sun "times." before land the job he was in a non-profit started by
11:30 am
journalists frustrated between the disconnect between the news organizations and the communities they serve. at the heart of their ambition, equity and inclusion. >> that formula earned them a million they're grant last year. are you looking to disrupt the current model? >> yes. yeah. >> i think. go ahead. >> he is a former crime report zpler we have a whole lot more going on here and i would say we have an issue of parachuting journalists. spend time in the community aside from reporting on crime, spend time in the county. >> reporter: city bureau is immersing itself on paid fellowships directly into neighborhoods. >> it's a way of restoring credibility to make the work to make journalism and media credible. i think a big part of the reason this idea fake news has been able to catch on is people had very little access to the process of how journalism and media gets made. >> a lot of other newsrooms, rely on we are the experts, trust us. we can say hey, come in with us,
11:31 am
we can korea it this expertise together. >> reporter: on a thursday night, a wet side resident showed up at the weekly public newsroom, a forum on issues affected them, finding a story or two about them from segregation to lead exposure. >> i really am encouraged to want to know watts going on, especially since the city is like up for grabs, it seems to be imploding. >> reporter: back on the street, manny ramos remains focused on getting it right. >> right now i'm committed to chicago and i've grown up with and am familiar with. i think there is a lot of who, that needs to be done, repaired at that level. >> reporter: journalists as agents of change. ron mott, nbc news. >> thanks to ron mot in the chicago. still ahead, the new emergency on vaping. new york's governor cuomo is asking for a ban on the new
11:32 am
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. okay. so this could be a big deal. for nearly 50,000 united auto workers are threatening to strike general motors come midnight tonight. the talks overhealthcare and tape remains stalled. this comes on the heels of a mass walk jut just yesterday where nearly 1,000 aeu representatives walked a tough job across multiple gm plants in michigan and ohio. general motors responding to the strike they offered to uae members saying they put forward an offer that prioritizes employees and communities and builds a stronger future for all of us. talks have been stalled for months. we'll see if they are able to make a midnight deadline. as the nation faces a crisis with vaping. new york governor andrew cuomo
11:36 am
announced a new action banning the flavor ecigarettes, this works as the trump administration works to ban all flavored tobacco products from the market and dissuade teens from vaping. joining me now andrew cuomo, the latest on this ban, why did you find it was so important to do this ban, this emergency deck la reagan right now? >> well, first, thanks for having me, this is a public health crisis. it's growing. everybody knows about it. we have hundreds of cases. the number of cases in new york are increasing rapidly. and my first responsibility is to protect the people of the state of new york. everybody knows vapeing is dangerous. it's targeted towards younger people. at a minimum, we're having them addicted to nicotine at very young ages. we have about 40% of 12th graders are now vaping.
11:37 am
so it's a dangerous activity. you said in the initial comments that the federal government is talking about doing something. frankly, i've grown tired of waiting for the federal government to take action in hoping that they do. not that i'm -- but i'm not waiting for the federal government. >> i hear you, how soon would the new york ban go into effect? >> it -- about 14 days, give or take. >> okay. let me ask you about that specifically. because we brought up the cases here in, no yes, there have been 33 states where we've had some cases that have been related to vaping. from the 10, of the 18 cases that have so far been targeted here in new york, none of them so far have necessarily been associated with the vaping products that are on the market right now so how will this ban this proposed ban actually help?
11:38 am
>> no, they are all, all the cases used the vaping devices that are being sold. your point is the devices may not sell that product. but they're putting different product in devices on the black market. there is no doubt. but that, yeah, but there is no doubt that vapeing is dangerous. right? at a minimum, you have an untested product. you don't know what the long-term health benefits are. you know it's being targeted to children. you know they're using flavors called bubble gum and cotton candy and gummy bears and captain crunch that is not nor the stated purpose of attracting adults who want to quit smoking and you know that you're addicting young people to nicotine, which is very highly addictive -- >> why not an all out ban?
11:39 am
>> the only, the only rational for vaping from a public health point of view is that it could help people who currently smoke cigarettes to get off cigarettes. the vaping companies will say it is better than a cigarette. yes, which is saying that only because a cigarette is truly terrible and can cause cancer, vapeing is better than that. first of all, there are better ways to get off smokes, there are patches, there is medication. if none of that works and the only choice was vaping, then vaping is better than cigarettes as a last choice to get off cigarettes and that's why we allow tobacco and menthol, menthol we're still studying, tobacco and menthol because that would be a substitute for people who want to get off cigarettes. >> governor, you know, a large number of the people who are vaping are using that to smoke
11:40 am
pot through cannabis. you have been supportive of legalization of marijuana in this state in new york state. you try to push an agenda and legislation as such. so does the make you give pause at slowing down on possibly of legalizing marijuana in new york in. >> no on marijuana, we're not if favor of smoking marijuana. there are ways to get thc without smoking marijuana. and we don't encourage smoking period. >> i'm not say encourage it, you are encouraging legislation in your last campaign to legalize it. >> yes. and you can take thc in different compounds and substances without smoking it. >> as far as vape. but you do know, you have to admit that a lot of people are smoking it through vape pens? >> people are vaping thc. yes. >> that is true and we think that from a public health point
11:41 am
of view, that is not something that we recommend and we think it's dangerous. >> all right. so does it give you pause. >> smoking of any kind -- smoking cigarettes is worse, vapeing is still dangerous. you can legalize marijuana and sell thc in compounds that do not require you to smoke the marijuana. and we do not support smoking of marijuana. there are compounds that have the thc, which is a compound in marijuana that you don't smoke. >> absolutely. some of it is legal in new york city for medical use. governor cuomo mentioning today the emergency declaration and moves that he and the state are making to ban flavored ecigarettes after several people have gotten sick. governor, appreciate you being here. >> enjoy the rest of your sunday. >> thank you. >> we are back now by the way, we have more on the latest
11:42 am
tweeting yet again on this he's back from the golf course, so he developing news on supreme court had time to tweet. justice kavanaugh and new can't let brettt kavanaugh give reportingo president trump radical left democrat liberal plus opinions based on threats of impeaching him over made up stories. sound familia? false allegations, protect kavanaugh. >> let's bring in ep eleanor clift, the daily beast, washington correspondent and a former president obama campaign spokesperson and eleanor i want to start with you, because julian castro and senior kamela harris and just as i was speaking i noted elizabeth warren have now call for kavanaugh's impeachment s. that really likely? >> well, i remember after the hearings, there was a lot of discussion about whether brett kavanaugh was truthful if his testimony. and i do remember some prominent democrats saying they were going to investigate and demand
11:43 am
information and that they were thinking about impeaching him. so i don't think that a short road that they're on, if they want to take it, i think they might well open, have committee hearings or go down that road, but, look, they're already juggling one impeachment possible trial and politically i'm not sure that you know putting all their energies into this one makes a lot of sense. but i don't think they can just walk away from it either. it really does get a lot of people, particularly women and particularly the democratic base pretty worked up and i think there are going to be some republicans like susan collins who are going to really have a tough time with this issue and she's up for re-election. i think the reverb racing from the original kavanaugh hearings, that with this piled on top, makes for a very fiery issue
11:44 am
going forward. >> but the reverberations could go in the opposite direction as well, gabrielle la, many democrats believe they lost a number of key races in tennessee and indiana because of the backlash of the whole kavanaugh hearing of last year so what do they do? what's their pla i? >> i believe it's a system of checks and balances, is it possible for him to be impeached? the senate could still acquit him as far as i understand. but the process of going through it is something that's really important. we all saw that testimony last year and politically, though, the people i think are most in danger are the two republican women who voted for him. i want to see a microphone in their faces saying do you now regret it? we are seeing predatory behavior by somebody that has a life long position to the supreme court. it's a win for the democrats, for the process as a whole. if we don't have a system of checks and balance, what is it there for?
11:45 am
>> the system is barely there, i should point out. it is an incredibly high bar to impeach a supreme court justice. it hasn't been done in 1905. >> and he was acquitted by the senate in 1805. we all remember samuel chase. not really. so it's a really high bar for anybody. ted cruz, a senator fromming the was speaking out about all of this. here's what he had to say. >> at the end of the day, the american people made a judgment that the evidence wasn't there, the corroboration wasn't there. i think this article just shows the obsession with the far left with trying to smear justice kavanaugh and at some point they have to let the anger go. >> go ahead. >> it wasn't the american people. it was republicans in the senate that made the decision to not believe valid and now corroborated everyday from women. so i think that's completely ridiculous. you can't. it's also again it's not just
11:46 am
political. we're talking the highest court in the land forever. and this person now has three corroborated attacks of harassment against him? accusations. >> it's krob rated. >> their questions about how corroborated the last situation was. >> i do think you have to investigate it. it's not surprising that somebody who has been accused so many times of sexual harassment like our president is brushing it away as a left thing. but i do think you have to go for it. >> there are many people say trying to impeach a supreme court justice is an exercise in futility. the senator voted no on kavanaugh's confirmation. and he spoke right here earlier. >> we should have had a full, fair, thorough investigation. yeah, if it is, infact, he lied to the committee, that that's serious allegation and people can be impeached for that. >> of course, you know, doug jones has a very tough election,
11:47 am
re-election race come next year. eleanor, so what happens now? what does this mean for kavanaugh and the supreme court? >> well, i think that supreme court becomes an issue, kavanaugh was confirmed with 50 votes in the u.s. senate. it's the lowest number of votes in 100 years so i think it's a good issue to rev up the democratic base, but in terms of impeachment, i can imagine a house committee looking into whether evidence was suppressed. i think that's a legitimate inquiry and this latest woman who has come forward, she was cursorally investigated and wasn't really allowed to speak. so that's a legitimate thing to look at. i think there may be additional cases in addition to hers that are out there. i think the democrats can do
11:48 am
that, if it leads to impeachment so be it. i rather doubt it. but i think it's an appropriate investigation. >> all right. i'll allow you to get the last word in. >> thank you. coming up, a 2:00 a.m. facebook post that went viral. it now has an entire town on alert for a possible invasion this week, the proposed area 51 takeover. it is real, it was a joke. but it's now a movement? next. you wanna see something thatamazing?ing. go to hilton instead of a travel site and you'll experience a whole new range of emotions like... the relaxing feeling of knowing you're getting the best price. these'll work. the utter delight of free wi-fi... . oh man this is the best part.
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11:52 am
have read in the tabloids, there have never been space craft. there is no area 51, no recovered space ship. excuse me, mr. president, that's not entirely accurate. >> of course, there is an area 51. of course, that's independence day back in our day. but back in june, a man created the viral facebook event called storm area 51. thican't stop all of us.
11:53 am
it was 2:00 a.m. in the morning. he got on facebook. he was just like what's up? since then, that joke whether or not he goes on facebook sober at the time, has now attracted some 2 million people who have rsvp to storm the town of nevada. with the event just days away, officials are trying to figure out whether a large crowd will actually show up. joining me now to discuss is a reporter from "washington post." kim, not only are we wondering if the two million will show up. you know about two gentlemen who showed up a little bit early. what happened with them? >> they were a little bit early to the party. on tuesday, two men who are dutch nationals and one of them -- they're both youtube presences. they were driving through the area, stopped at the alien center kind of outside the area
11:54 am
and heard about the event. it sounds like according to an interview that they dpav to a local tv station that they drove, dpautgot a few miles in. >> their names, both from the netherlands. we did get like 2 million people who have rsvp'd. they expect that they necessarily cannot afford to have all these people, tens of thousands of people come there. they say it might be a fire fest part two. what sort of reporting are we hearing on what's going to happen on the 20th? >> a lot of concern from the local authorities in two counties because like you said, one of these towns i believe doesn't even have a gas station.
11:55 am
there just isn't the infrastructure to support this influx of people who are coming in. like any facebook event maybe you get 2 million rsvps. there is obviously security concerns, things like that. i think the founder said that one of the reasons he was pulling out oencounter programming is because he was worried about a potential humanitarian disaster if everyone showed up for this. >> he was like about that whole storming area 51 thing, how about we just do it in all ofla vegas. he is hoping he is not attached to what might be a fairly big event. we have had the government and many local law enforcement telling people don't bother trying to storm area 51. >> officials are saying stay
11:56 am
away. this is not something you want to go to. we don't know exactly yet how it's going to play out. we don't know to what extent people have been serious about making plans to go to the area. it is pretty remote. we don't know yet either if officials will lay down spikes on the highway to keep people from getting too close. it is definitely something we will continue to watch because that was a lot of people responding to this event. >> there are no hotels nearby. the gas station is really far away. thank you so much. coming up right here in the next hour, supreme court justice brett kavanaugh under fire as new allegations of sexual misconduct have surfaced and some are calling for his impeachment. ng for his impeachment. flonase sensimist. nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief
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good afternoon everyone. it is 3:00 out east. of course, noon out west. we're following several major developing stories on this sunday. a new allegation against supreme court justice brett kavanaugh has some democratic lawmakers calling for his impeachment. joe biden speaking in alabama addressing race and hate in america in commemoration of the 1963 bombing at a baptist church in birmingham. a drone strike on a major saudi arabiaen oil field has the united states pointing the finger at iran.
12:01 pm
we begin with the new calls for an impeachment for the supreme court justice brett kavanaugh following a "new york times" article revealing a new allegation of sexual misconduct. kavanaugh from his time as an under graduate at yale. nbc news has yet to hear back from kavanaugh. he has denied other allegations previously. for more, let's bring in dakell o'donnell. >> reporter: it's certainly a difficult time to have this issue come back for kavanaugh and his family. and it's politically difficult for everyone involved, because it is, of course, a painful period for the women who have brought these allegations. and it's painful because of the nature of the subject matter. it is also a very animating political issue on all sides. and you can argue that that may get people inspired to act. for kavanaugh, in a practical sense, he has a lifetime
12:02 pm
appointment to the court, business as usual in many respects. there is the threat of impeachment in a very theor theoretical sense because the real likelihood of that seems very remote as we stand here right now, because the kind of allegation that has really been made here is very similar to what was dealt with in his confirmation hearing, certainly part of the allegation that is being talked about here by democrats in particular and democratic presidential candidates is a frustration that they feel that it was not properly litigated. and by that i mean there were witnesses at the time who were a part of his college community or high school community who might have been able to give more information. the fbi did look at some of the allegations that were made. there are those who believe whether it is amy klobuchar or elizabeth warren or kamala harris that there wasn't a
12:03 pm
significant enough process to investigate. nevertheless, there was a senate confirmation. there was a vote. it was one of the most narrow in history and he is on the court. if the house were to vote to impeach him, then it would go to the senate which is currently run by republicans, and we have a republican president, of course. and would the senate under republican control vote to remove him? that seems highly remote at this moment. but that's the mechanism if that were to be taken up. certainly, it is a challenging time given the fact that this book, which explores what we all went through living through that confirmation hearing and the allegations brought by ford and ramirez, and the authors dig deeper into the color, texture, time, experiences of people in kavanaugh's past and so forth. and as books do, they bring it to life in their own way. that's the reporting.
12:04 pm
nbc news had also done extensive reporting and had also identified other witness whose had things to say about those events when they were happening in the 1980s that were not a part of any official investigation. that was what was happening at the time. will it have a practical impact? that remains to be seen. mitch mcconnell has tweeted that he expects kavanaugh to be on the bench for years to come. so politically, it's hard to imagine that there will be an actual next step, but it is fertile ground politically when it comes to how the court animates voters. on the left, certainly we're seeing democratic candidates wanting to call for impeachment. kamala harris has done so. she's also putting out a petition for her supporters trying to get people to sign that and to raise money. we've seen julian castro, elizabeth warren and kamala harris. we also heard from amy klobuchar who said the process is a sham.
12:05 pm
for president donald trump, he will also use it to say that this is an attempt to try to scare kavanaugh into more liberal opinions as the president wrote on twitter. so both of these perspectives will drive part of the campaign rhetoric for the campaign season ahead of us. >> that indeed especially for many of the senators that are vulnerable including corey gardner in colorado and susan collins in o'donnell. now to the 2020 campaign as former vice president joe biden marks one of the turning points of the civil rights movement, the 1963 bombing of a birmingham baptist church that killed four young black girls. 56 years later community members came together marking the solemn anniversary with a special service today. and joe biden was a key note speaker saying we are once again at a pivotal moment in time. >> hate is on the rise again.
12:06 pm
we're at a defining moment again in american history. who are we? what do we want to be? i say it again today. we are in the battle for the soul of america. >> nbc's mike was right there inside the 16th street baptist church in birmingham, alabama. from your reporting, you called it his most significant speech on race yet. why? >> reporter: well, as you know, the biden campaign has been framing this speech as sort of a continuation of the theme that launched his candidacy in april. the battle for the soul of the nation. while we certainly heard in the announcement video focus on president trump again last month at a big speech in iowa linking president trump to some of these acts of domestic terrorism we have seen in the country today, today's speech was different. it was less about the president.
12:07 pm
he never mentioned president trump by name, but he talked about the special obligation of others in responding and showing greater understanding for the deep historic systemic injustices for african-americans. let's take a listen. >> those of us might try, but we can never fully understand no matter how hard we try. we're almost at the next phase of progress in my view. it's hard work, but there is almost 330 americans. i know there is nothing we can't accomplish if we stand together. stand against hate. stand up for the best our nation believes, honesty, decency, treating everyone with dignity and respect, leaving nobody behind. giving hate no safe harbor,
12:08 pm
demonizing no one. standing as a beacon for the world, being part of something bigger than ourselves. >> so the former vice president saying just as this baptist church bombing in 1963 helped galvinize many in his generation to come off the sidelines and do more as part of the civil rights movement, so too is the current generation being rallied in this moment to do more on their own, as well. >> quite a call to action from the former vice president. he heads to miami for a speech on latino issues. thank you. this may not come as any surprise to you especially if you caught senator bernie sanders during thursday's debate. he has decided to give his voice a rest as he has one more event this evening in south carolina, he has cancelled three other events scheduled for tomorrow and tuesday. the 78-year-old candidate has
12:09 pm
been battling a hoarse voice since last week after he rallied in denver. the sanders' campaign is insisting that he isn't feeling ill and is scheduled to return to south carolina next week. we are joined from south carolina. you have been traveling with sanders. we heard it coming a few days ago with his voice. now he has decided to take a little bit of break. no reason for concern, right? right. they say no reason for concern. many people are kind of saying it is understandable after hearing his debate performance on thursday. he will leave the campaign trail and go back home to vermont to allow his voice to rest. he still will have the first campaign event. he will have a town hall here on campus of the college of charlton. it will not be this raucous rally. that will allow him not to have the strain that you will hear in
12:10 pm
a different setting. on this cam will continue to highlight what he has been doing. he unveiled his housing plan and housing proposal and then came here to south carolina. this is a state that is important for him in building up his momentum and building up his coalition. it's a state -- i got to speak to voters here in south carolina to see what issues are important to them, what are they listening for. listen to what one voter told me. >> being able to beat donald trump. that's my biggest priority which i wish that wasn't the case. i wish i could be more focussed on the candidates. at the end of the day, i want someone who's going to knock him out of office. >> reporter: so you hear these voters focussed on donald trump. that's a point that senator sanders makes regularly on the campaign trail. he tells polling that shows he
12:11 pm
can take on and defeat donald trump. expect to hear that later today on this college campus and then he'll head home to vermont to allow his voice to rest. >> our thanks. coming up, former attorney general eric holder has some advice for his fellow democrats on how to deal with the impeachment proceedings against president trump. weerp weerp -- we're tracking tropical storm hum burto. tracking tropl storm hum burto. t may be your detergent... that's why more dishwasher brands recommend cascade platinum. it's specially-designed with the soaking, scrubbing and rinsing built right in. cascade platinum's unique actionpacs dissolve quickly... remove stuck-on food. . . for sparkling-clean dishes, the first time. choose the detergent that lets your dishwasher do the dishes! cascade platinum. the number one recommended brand in north america.
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12:14 pm
we are back with the protests that shut down new york's famed 5th avenue. we are told nearly 80 people were arrested after demonstrators blocked traffic in front of the microsoft store upset with a contract between microsoft and i.c.e. democrats continue to be divided
12:15 pm
over impeachment proceedings. now former attorney general eric holder is weighing in. >> do you believe there are grounds for impeachment for congress to proceed with impeachment? >> i don't think there is doubt about that. if you look at just the mueller report, there are grounds there for impeachment. there were ten specifications of possible obstruction of justice. i think that at least four of those are pretty solid. >> and then in addition, the ema emoluments clause. >> joining me now, former spokesperson for the house and oversight committee and also julia who is a democratic political consultant. i want to start with you picking up on the statement right there from the former u.s. attorney general there. does that carry any weight within the democratic base and within the lawmakers on capitol hill? >> probably not.
12:16 pm
let's be clear about something right now. i don't think if you were to ask every single democrat do you think there is enough to impeach the president, i think all of them would tell you yes there is. that's a very big difference from it actually happening. i think the frustration is the hesitancy of the democrats to pursue this. it's been this death biep a thousand cuts thing. it makes it look like they don't know what they want to do or hesitant and defensive and slow walking this whole thing. i think that's what the frustration is. if you're going to impeach the president, then just do it. lord knows since april when the mueller report came out, we had enough evidence to pursue that. if you're not going to do it, just say so and put this to bed. >> you have heard the former attorney general there saying that there is a legal basis for impeachment. really, the question is, is
12:17 pm
there a political basis for impeachment? >> there is a political basis. it's obviously a political inquiry and political outcome regardless of what you believe. >> you don't think about the political back lash, i guess. >> no question nancy pelosi is worried about the effect on those in districts nut necessarily democratic leaning and about the fact that you need the majority of the house to vote to impeach. if you don't have the majority of the house, nobody would look more foolish than the house of representatives for launching this. there is certainly many, many basis for launching this investigation. i believe as we go along there will be more and more political support for it as more and more evident is coming out and the light is shining on this. ultimately nancy pelosi has to make a decision, either say you are not going to do it or come out and do it. this drip, drip is absolutely preposterous. we have an impeachment inquiry but not really.
12:18 pm
we have jerry nadler say tlg is impeachment but not proceeding. that doesn't help anybody. either we do it or don't do it. >> i do note that the congressional leaders came back from six weeks of vacation. we haven't seen this rapid amount of increasing amount of people saying yes, yes, yes. so you get a sense that while they are at home, their constituents weren't necessarily backing this movement all that much. >> this is the frustration that i have. you're a leader in congress. this is your job to lead. you should be encouraging people to follow your lead. and they're just waiting around. i don't know what they're waiting for at this point. when i worked at the house oversight committee, we always felt that democrats were wary to take this on. we felt we could run over them and do whatever we wanted, and they would be too scared to
12:19 pm
fight us. looking at what's happening now. i support the impeachment of president trump. it just looks like they are afraid of their own shadow and worried about political consequences, whether or not they have the votes or not. at the end of the day, we have to stand for truth and fact and true checks and balances. if we don't hold the president accountable for everything that's happened, they have no license to do it ever again for any other president either. >> please stick around. we have a lot more to get to. still to come, the escalating tension between the united states and iran ahead of this l one republican lawmaker is now calling on the united states to deny visas have iranian diplomats. have iranian diplomats. i had always heard stories about my great grandfather,
12:20 pm
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tropical storm humberto spinning just north of the bahamas. they have a lot of rain over the weekend. the area is still hard hit with a lot of people cleaning up. national weather service releasing the satellite that shows the storm really spinning there. it is not expected to make any sort of landfall anytime soon but will make some sort of an impact on the east coast as far as rip currents later on this
12:24 pm
week. nbc news begins a special week-long series climate in crisis. the impacts of climate change that are being felt across the country including one new jersey lake where rapid algae ploom has emerged. here is anna thompson. >> reporter: you don't have to dpoe to where polar bears live to see the impact of climate change. in fact, ducks will do just fine. this is lake in the exotic locale of new jersey. >> i imagine people will go climate change? new jersey? >> reporter: for jessica murphy it's no laughing matter. she got married and spends summers by an algae bloom, restricting swimming sinking the plans to give her three children the kind of summer she enjoyed. >> this should be one of the
12:25 pm
best summers of their lives and instead it was kind of offlimits. i never experienced anything like that. >> reporter: the algae bloom fuelled by heavy rains and water temperatures that have jumped almost three degrees fahrenheit in 20 years. the bloom tying up businesses around the lake including the bridge marina. >> we probably lost something in the order of 500 customers this summer. didn't launch as many boats this year. >> reporter: state climatologist says new jersey's climate is out of balance with many more record warm months than cold. average temperatures climbed three degrees fahrenheit in the last century. the only state in the lower 48 warming more, rhode island. >> what's causing the warming? >> overall, it's the global warming pattern that we're seeing from human activity. >> reporter: with impacts across new jersey.
12:26 pm
at the shore sea level is up 15 inches leaving communities even more vulnerable to events like 2012's superstorm sandy. and winters are no longer cold enough to kill off invasive species. at the lake jessica murphy is had heeding the red flags of climate change. >> if it can happen on this corner of the world it can happen anywhere. >> reporter: a once future threat now at our shores. >> starting today nbc news will begin the special week-long series on all platforms. the "today" show will have a special report from al roker from greenland covering the impact of the global environment and climate change. coming up right here, several 2020 presidential candidates calling for the impeachment of supreme court justice brett kavanaugh after a new sexual misconduct acquisition surfaces. our 18-year-old
12:27 pm
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12:30 pm
increasing number of candidates are calling to impeach justice brett kavanaugh revealing unreported allegation of sexual misconduct. kavanaugh from his time as an under graduate at yale university may have sexually molested someone. i want to bring back my panel. welcome back. so we remember basically how polarizing the confirmation hearing was. it was just about a year ago in which kavanaugh denied any sexual misconduct from his past. the president this morning and this afternoon even suggesting that kavanaugh should sue for in his word liable. i think he meant libel.
12:31 pm
aside from the misspelling, is there a flaw in this strategy at all? >> my gosh, first of all, i don't think you can have one member of one branch of government be represented by another branch of government in a legal proceeding. putting that aside and the lunacy of what the president tweeted, the reality was there never was real investigation conducted into the allegations against kavanaugh. we saw a sham investigation following a sham investigation process. the fbi took less than a week to conduct an investigation that the white house dictated who they were going to talk to. they talk to maybe nine people. should there be a more thorough investigation? absolutely. should there be an investigation into what happened between the house and the fbi and the justice department last year? yes, there should be. whether there will or not be, i guess we will see. connecting the last segment, if democrat leaders are so hesitant
12:32 pm
to do people over president trump with all the material that they have, with the entire mueller report, why does anybody think they will be so getty to do another impeachment investigation into kavanaugh? >> perhaps because he is one of those fire brand persons, individuals there that it triggers people on both sides in the conservatives as well as the liberals. is that why this is sort of getting a little bit by last count about four democratic presidential candidates were calling for his impeachment. >> nobody triggers democrats more than donald trump so to think that kavanaugh is a special case is nonsensical. the first person they should talk to is christopher wray and ask what happened. so the question for the head of the fbi, forget william barr,
12:33 pm
chris wray i think is less of a knee jerk partisan than the attorney general. what happened? why was this not investigated? did somebody prevent him from investigating? did justice kavanaugh impress upon him not to investigate? once we find outfacts, let's see what happens with brett kavanaugh. the president salt tis at the h the cartel. i would love justice kavanaugh to sue her for liable because that leads to discovery. he's not going to do that because he doesn't want this to happen. he doesn't want discovery to take place. >> let's talk more about the "new york times" reporting. i misspoke, there was no sexual molestation that took place in this particular case. the "new york times" report that an attorney from one of kavanaugh's accusers gave the
12:34 pm
fbi a list of dozens of witnesses that may have corroborating evidence of misconduct, but none of them were actually interviewed ahead of his confirmation. so can this investigation actually be revisited at this point? >> it can be. will it make any difference at the end of the day in terms of how the republican party functions in protecting kavanaugh? no it won't. we know that by the fact that roy moore is running for senate in alabama again, a guy accused multiple times of preying on under aged women at the local mall. we have a president who has been accused multiple times of sexual harassment and sexual assault and yet the republican party turns a blind eye to that. as far as the republican party is concerned, in 2019, committing sexual harassment or sexual assault against women is not a disqualifier to be in public office. >>. >> i think the answer is yes it is a disqualifier. the problem is that this is not
12:35 pm
much about kavanaugh who will be on the court until he decides not to be. it is about this administration, the fbi, the justice department how they conduct themselves in multiple investigations. the obstruction of justice, this is another instance of that apparently. that goes to how this president decides to run this administration and all enablers who allow him to do that. >> let's leave it there. thank you for being here. the other big international story that we're following right now, the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu is in a fight for his political life as he seek as fifth term. tuesday's vote comes just five months after an inconclusive election in which netanyahu declared himself a winner and failed to form a ruling coalition. president trump is making a move that could bolster the prime minister's reelection efforts calling for a possible mutual
12:36 pm
defense treaty between the two countries. nbc chief global correspondent is following the story from tel aviv and joining us now. are there any signs that netanyahu could actually lose this election? >> reporter: yeah, there are signs that he can lose this election. and some of those signs are coming from his own campaign. i have just come from a campaign rally outside tel aviv. benjamin netanyahu was meant to headline that rally. he didn't turn up. and there are reports that the reason is that he had received what's called an in depth study suggesting that he will lose tuesday's election a, and instead, he has called an emergency meeting of his party members. nbc news can't confirm that report, but the fact is he didn't turn up. this is an election that the polls suggest is absolutely neck and neck. i talked earlier today to one of his close advisers, a deputy
12:37 pm
minister in his government, who says this is without question the race of benjamin netanyahu's life. it is that close. of course, the reason this election is taking place at all is because of netanyahu's weakness. he declared himself or we thought that he was the winner of april's election. but the fact is, he failed to form a ruling coalition, hence israeli voters are back at the polls. this is an election they didn't want, he didn't want and the opposition didn't want. the opposition led by a complete political novice until april. he has no political experience apart from running that election. he is now running benjamin netanyahu neck and neck. and as another analyst said to me today, benjamin netanyahu has nine political lives, and he's already used up 17 of them. just after tonight, one day left of campaigning, most of which is
12:38 pm
online. benjamin netanyahu truly is in the race of his life. >> nine political lives and he's already used up 17. we'll find out tuesday or perhaps early wednesday morning if he has an 18th. there is a lot going on. the u.s. is responding to the drone strikes against saudi arabia's oil fields. rick perry releasing a new statement confirming that his department is quote ready to deploy resources from the strategic oil reserves if necessary of course to offset disruptions while promising to work with international energy agency on potential options for collective global action if needed. that statement there from the deputy secretary. this all comes amid the escalating tensions between the u.s. and iran that is now casting a cloud over this week's
12:39 pm
united nations general assembly. starting tuesday more leaders will arrive here in new york for the seven-day event. if house republican conference chair gets her way, the u.s. will actually deny visas for every iranian diplomat coming to the u.s. what she had to say to chuck todd earlier. >> the secretary pompeo's statements were right. >> do we need to provide proof? >> it's a very significant escalation. i would say we ought to do several things. we should deny the visas for the iranian delegates who are planning to come into the united states and come to new york next week. >> all of them, the president, foreign minister, everyone of them. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> interesting idea right now. let's talk to chris dickey who is our world news editor for the daily beast and an msnbc contributor.
12:40 pm
you know the region very well and the geopolitics very well, hugely interrupt global energy as well. supplies. it's true that the united states let's start right there. is in a better position on would that be a highly unusual energy thanks to the obama move for the u.s.? >> i don't see exactly what the administration than it has ever been before. point of it would be. and the oil prices when they dpoe up, that's going to mean more fracking in the united states, more production in the united states, because it's expensive. once people understand that there are drones flying around the region where so much oil is produced that can take out the biggest single refinery in the world, which is what we just saw happen, as well as the saudi oil field, then the whole discussion about closing the straits becomes irrelevant. and it's plaeblg in the past. that's been a trigger for war. i think we're looking at the real possibility of a major war
12:41 pm
in the middle east and a majornmajor economic impact. just one last thing, i don't think president trump has the slightest clue what to do. so when we come back to the question of stopping visas for iranian diplomats and iranian president, that's just another really lame measure when you just don't know what to do. >> the words that you are using, you are not using them lightly. you are saying that we are on the brink of a major war in the middle east. >> yes. i'm saying that we are coming very close to that. if you look at the invasion of kuwait in 1990, that was all about oil. that wasn't about the freedom-loving kuwaits. we went to war for that. we went to war to free the oil. >> very interesting. so far the saudis have been fairly quiet. they haven't necessarily --
12:42 pm
>> they are terrified. they have been talking a tough game. they have been buying billions of dollars of american arms. they have no record of successful -- >> many people are call ag game changer, calling it a dramatic escalation. what took place this weekend should be something we are paying attention to. >> of course, it should be. it is fascinating to see how we are not. >> how would you imagine the saudi government will react to all of this? >> i think they are going to beg the americans to do something. the official position is we are capable of responding to this f. they want to get into a shooting war with iran, they are going to be in big trouble unless the united states gets into the war behind them. is that something that donald trump wants to do? this is why it is a crisis moment for them. he doesn't want to go to war. >> we are in a crisis moment for the country.
12:43 pm
when the same oil facility back in 2006 when there was even an attempted attack on that facility, oil prices spiked immediately. this was a full-milestone attack. >> markets aren't open yet. >> markets will open in a few hours. we will see. everybody is trying to talk down the idea of a huge surge in prices. you hear maybe they go up five or ten dollars. it could go up to $100 a barrel oil. it could go up high er if it's real problem. it is not a revelation that this was a huge target and always was a huge target, going back to the reagan administration people were saying what would we do if the refinery was attacked? why did they get attacked so successfully? >> one more thing about all of this. i'm fascinated by the aspect of
12:44 pm
the drone attacks right there on oil facilities. and the rebels can't really afford food or much else necessarily. are the ones that are claiming responsibility for that. how likely is it that the yemeni folks who went about this attack? if it were them, how big of a deal is it that they were able to carry this out? what does that say? >> there is zero chance that they manufactured, built or bought the kinds of drones that can carry this out, that they might have been given those by iran it's perfectly possible. if iran gave them to them, they are not going to be doing anything like this without iran's permission or encouragement. we're talking about ten drones. drones capable of doing this are probably the equivalent of american predator drones, armed, big drones. it's not things you buy off the
12:45 pm
shelf. it's big, predator-type drones with smart bombs. >> targeted weapons. >> thank you. as many are noting, it is a game changer. you were saying that the drum beat for war is really beating. >> oddly enough, trump may be the person who stands against that because he's terrified of getting involved in a war especially one that takes us into a global recession. >> leave it there. really appreciate you being here. >> thank you. up next right here, we've got heart warming hug. the good, the bad and the ugly. we need more good this week especially after that note, that hopeful tone from chris dickey. it is the world that we live in right now. s dickey. it is the world that we live in right now. , dietary choices are crucial to help manage blood sugar, but it can be difficult to find a balanced solution.
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12:50 pm
entertainment week lly the show host. >> welcome to both of you. let's talk about your -- >> that's very good. what was your good for the week? >> hustlers. >> what? >> j. lo's new film. she play as stripper who drugs wall street guys and takes all of their money. her body is the eighth wonder of the world. i found myself also thinking about income inequality when i was watching this film. and the one percent. >> between like the bartenders
12:51 pm
who don't get as much money as the strippers. >> it takes you back to the era of the recession. it seems like it was in the distant past. also, just seeing the one percent income disparity, gender pay inequality. all of those issues this film definitely wrestles with and gives you all the eye candy that you need. >> one of the good about this, and it's a stripper movie, but they are already talking oscar. >> it's true, because j.lo puts a stellar performance. >> a lot of people don't know that i was her body double for like the rehearsal. >> as soon as you walked in you were like oh, my god. >> your pick? >> those two boys running
12:52 pm
towards each other just so beautiful. you can watch it over and over. look at that. pure joy. >> pure joy. >> look at that. how cute is that? >> one of them has two dads, also a fascinating story if you wanted to love them even more. i have seen many memes of them. they put tom brady's head on the white kid's body and antonio brown on the black kid and had them running together with bill belichick in the background. >> they should put my head on the black kid's body and jill's head on the white kid's body. >> what was your bad of the week? >> huffman sentencing. a lot of people thought she deserved more than 14 days in jail. i know women of color have been sent to jail for far less. one case an african-american single mom convicted of two
12:53 pm
felonies and initially sentenced to five years in prison because she put her children's father's address on their book so they can go to a better school. >> the whole thing is so infuriating. they are already entitled. >> i'm not argue frg more time necessarily, but i'm arguing for less time for all of us. >> your bad? >> what is my bad? >> your bad was "snl." >> it was "snl." here we have the first east asian person who is going to be a cast member on "snl," and that great news is overtaken by another new cast member who has -- i believe in all freedom of speech. he has every right to say whatever he wants. i listened to the podcast. it is very disturbing.
12:54 pm
you can joke about anything as long as it's funny. it wasn't funny. it was racial thrown for no apparent reason. >> a lot were thrown at the asians. "snl" is standing by it. i want to get to your ugly. today is an interesting day, important day. >> 56 years ago today, four little black girls were killed in a birmingham church when their church was bombed by the ku klux klan. i think it's important that we remember this day and all commit to marching forward. there are people in power who want us to go back. there are people in power who want people like you and me to not be able to vote, to drink from certain water fountains. we can't go back to that. we have to march forward. those faces of those girls -- >> that's the world. that's the little boy.
12:55 pm
>> racism isn't taught -- it is taught. >> your 9 year old's lunch. >> a 9-year-old boy, his birthday the family had an outstanding nine dollar bill. his school lunch, he had picked for his birthday, was taken away from him and thrown in the garbage so that they can give him a piece of bread and cheese. >> because he had a nine-dollar debt. >> how else are you going to learn? >> this is an income inequality that hustlers was talking about. >> we have to treat our children better. >> that's horrible that happened. coming up next, our "new york times" story detailing previously unreported allegation
12:56 pm
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this hour former vice president joe biden delivers an important speech on race in alabama. supreme court justice brett kavanaugh under fire for alleged sexual misconduct and the president comes to his defense. the united auto workers union is set to go on strike at midnight. it's the first nationwide strike since 2007. democrats are fired up after republics


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